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Benefits of Solar Panel on your Home

Adding residential solar panels to your property presents many environmental and financial advantages. From reducing your power bill to minimizing your dependence on grid energy, here’s how you can potentially benefit from solar panels on your home:

-Reduce your Electric Bill - Installing solar for your home could potentially reduce your electric bill by allowing you to source your own energy directly from the sun. Because you’re essentially creating your own power, solar could lower the amount of power you purchase from utility companies and help you save thousands in electrical costs over the lifespan of your panel array.

-Own Your Power - Residential solar allows you to source your energy right from the sun and convert it into usable power that you own, 24/7, 365. No longer will you rent power from the grid. Instead, your solar system will work for you to provide unmitigated access to clean energy, as well as help you avoid unexpected rate increases from the utility companies.

-protect against power outages- Solar panels help you avoid unexpected grid complications that come with traditional energy because panels generate power from the sun. When you rent your power from the electrical company, you’re at the mercy of a potential outage at any moment. We also offer Generac battery backups which allow you to store any excess solar energy that you don’t use.

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